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Information Rules! The Best B2B Offer for Direct Mail Marketing

By Allegra - Helena

Direct Mail Marketing

Hands down, information is the best offer in B2B direct marketing, says customer acquisition and retention expert Ruth P. Stevens. It attracts, it qualifies, and it doesn’t break the bank.

While digital views and downloads make customer education fast and immediate, many buyers prefer and appreciate something tangible that they can hold, set aside to review later and share with others whose opinions matter.

In direct mail marketing, information that helps drive decision-making and purchases can be delivered in the form of brochures, printed white papers and newsletters. For great tips, you can read more about B2B informational offers from Stevens.

And let the direct mail marketing experts at Allegra show you powerful and affordable ways you can elevate the quality of your direct mail with targeted lists, stand-out design and offers that drive higher response rates.