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3 Tactics to Fortify Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Allegra - Helena

content marketing strategy

Creating and distributing relevant information to attract an audience and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action is the backbone of content marketing. But without the right resources, having a powerful content marketing strategy that delivers on your investment is hardly a sure thing.

In fact, our recent study of small and medium-sized business marketers (SMBs) conducted with an independent research firm identified the lack of content creation resources as the biggest obstacle to an effective program.
However challenging, many SMBs find content marketing well worth the effort. Among their objectives, lead generation (54%), customer engagement (47%) and brand awareness (43%) are ranked as the most important among our survey respondents.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to make more efficient use of limited resources and content output, check out these three tactics for healthier results:

  1. Case studies. Identified as the most effective tactic by more than half (55%) of our survey respondents, articles and case studies are easily distributed through blogs, emails and websites. Survey subjects said they’re also one of the easiest tactics to execute.
  2. Videos. Considered by three out of five SMBs to be the most difficult type of content to create, videos are also evaluated as most effective by 45% in our study. Consider shooting at an event where your experts, satisfied customers and a product demonstration might all converge. One shoot can produce multiple videos.
  3. Infographics. Faced with a lot of data or a complex process that you want to explain? Infographics can transform confusing messages into easy-to-understand graphical pictures that can be shared via your blog, direct mail or email campaigns. And the stats are a natural for social posts.

Need assistance with creating a content marketing strategy, and distributing your valuable content through print and digital channels? Allegra can help! And ask us for our free research report, “Content Marketing Trends from the Small and Medium-Sized Business Perspective.”