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The Best Event Swag – Promotional Products That Make the Grade

By Allegra - Helena


Business Cards get trashed. Email gets deleted. Create promo-products that stay with a client and reminds them, again and again.

Swag – that ubiquitous assortment of logo-imprinted promotional products at every event and trade show – is still a big part of any event marketing budget. Great swag serves its promotional purpose by being used over and over again by your key prospects and customers.

How to choose the right promotional items, the ones sure to be a hit? Hubspot offers a great analysis of the best of event swag; consider these items for your next event or trade show:

Mobile chargers – Who doesn’t need a spare charger in their car or travel bag? These will always be used, both during the event and after. They’ll likely be borrowed, too, increasing the impact. At the event itself, have a drop-in charger station for attendees (who hasn’t run their battery down at one of these events?), and let them keep the charger as a walk-away.

Moleskines® – Opt to upgrade the typical notepad giveaway, and put your logo on a higher-end Moleskine® book or similar diary, journal or bound notepad. These are great for taking notes at the event, and so much classier than the typical notepad.

Climate Helpers – If attendees are coming from out of the area, think about the differences in your climate. Are you in Seattle? Give away umbrellas and people will love you forever. In the sunny South? Logo-imprinted sunglasses are a fun idea. Up north? An imprinted snow scraper makes a good impression.

Think beyond the pen when you are planning your next event or trade show, and order promotional products that will endure long after the exhibits are pulled down. Learn more about the Promotional Products that Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail offers!